Dwight Welch, a UCC minister in Norman, OK, has some interesting thoughts on race and justice that I thought merited sharing. I might add my own remarks on socialism as supplementary material: https://garyherstein.com/2014/07/07/30/

may                           The poster says in Danish, we are stronger together.

The National Review has a new piece on socialism in Scandinavia. And it notes the continual history of the US left in appealing to the Nordic welfare state model. They don’t appear to be arguing against the system directly, but they raise the question of the whiteness of Scandinavia. And why is it that the left appeals to such a racially not diverse area as a model and never to third world contexts when comparing the US. Is there something white about socialism that is not being acknowledged?

Yes and no and in some ways NR fails to acknowledge the racial components to the argument they are raising. Because whenever you point to 5 weeks paid vacation, free tuition, single payer health care, 80% unionization rates in comparison to the US we are told we cannot have such things. That…

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