The full program is now up in .PDF format (see link below). While the presentation at the website is in many ways even more detailed, the .PDF program makes the size of this conference much more tangible and vivid (to me, at least.) This is rather like the allied invasion of Europe in its scale. While the massive professional gatherings such as the Eastern APA might yet exceed it in size, we must also take into account the focus of this gathering (which the Eastern shares no part of) and the lack of massive membership support to finance it. It is unlikely that we — any of us — will ever see its like again.

The program divides into twelve Sections; each Section splits into anywhere from 5 to 8 tracks; and each track has eight sessions. Many of those sessions will have two presenters and a commenter, so you get some notion of the number of people involved. However, there is also overlap in at least some of those sessions. For example, I am involved in two different sessions in two different tracks each, for a total of four sessions.

The first such track (time wise) for me will be:

Section XI: Reimagining and Reinventing Culture


I will be moderating (and evidently commenting — good thing I reread the schedule!) in session 1:

Session 1 (Friday, June 5, 2:00-3:30): Television in the Present and Future

I will be one of the presenters in session 3:

Session 3 (Saturday, June 6, 11:00-12:30): The Power of Virtual Environments
Gary L. Herstein, National Coalition of Independent Scholars,
Trouble on the Borderlands: Mayhem, Madness, and Morality (and a Bazillionder Guns)

My next two sessions will take place in:

Section IV: Re-Envisioning Nature; Re-Envisioning Science


I will be sole presenter in session 5:

Session 5 (Saturday, June 6, from 4 to 5.50 pm): Whitehead, Intuition, and Radical Empiricism.
(This will be broken into three “lectures” followed by three informal discussion sessions that will involve things like tossing nerf balls.)

I will act as moderator (only) in:

Session 6 (Sunday, June 7, from 11 to 12.30 am) Actualization of Potential

In addition, there will be numerous plenaries, some unofficial gatherings, and then the final conference dinner at the end. My institutional affiliation throughout the meeting will be the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, who have graciously provided me with a travel grant to attend the 2015 IWC. (These folks are having their own national meeting very shortly. Unfortunately, time and resources do not permit me to attend.)

I’ve arranged to have friends pick me up Sunday night, after the dinner, and cart me off somewhere that I may collapse in exhaustion. All that enforced interaction with that many people takes its toll on an introvert such as myself.

There is already some discussion of gathering materials into books. (This is especially true in Section IV, Track 2.) So it is possible that there will be dedicated wood-pulp generated by this meeting, as well as much interaction and exchange.

My intention is to enter a blog post at the end of each evening during the meeting, to capture my own impressions of the people and events while those impressions are still more or less vivid.

The link to the .PDF program may be found here:

Click to access WH2015_online-program.pdf

In addition, another site with information about the conference may be linked to here: