I’ve been away so long, I scarcely know how to make a new entry.

My time away, if not well spent, has at least clawed its way to the surface of something like recognizable human existence.

I will soon (June 3) be leaving for the 2015 International Whitehead Conference. I will be delivering two invited papers, and acting as moderator for two other sessions. I hope to delay my projected nervous breakdown until I am back home and my cat can yell at me for being an inadequate human. In the intervening time, I will have the opportunity for numerous personal and professional contacts and interactions.

My cat will be singularly indifferent to these lame attempts at developing myself as a person and a scholar.

I plan on blogging (very short snippets) while I am at the conference. I will have more considered thoughts once I get home, and will also return to my not entirely regularly scheduled screeds on matters of science, metaphysics, and logic.

(And the Oxford comma, which I hope you all appreciated in the above.)